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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Pranayama (control of life force) forms a fundamental part of any yoga practice. Within a vinyasa system it is inherent in the practice itself. However developing a full pranayama practice can help avoid or even cure sicknesses and even create focus when a vinyasa practice cannot be done. It can also deepen awareness leading to meditation. Learn and practice a variety of pranayama techniques including ujjayi with bandhas (locks), nadi shodana, bastrika, surya bhedana, sitali and the unique and illuminating Chitshakti Prakriya.

Next we will develop a more aware and meditative mind through a Yin Yoga series. Based on Chinese meridian theory and as a way to strengthen and release connective tissues in the body, we will explore some of the Yin postures in terms of its benefit to cultivate a meditation practice. In itself it Yin Yoga is a great way to calm both body and mind. Longer holds in postures allow body tissues to be worked on which are ignored in a dynamic vinyasa practice. While this develops a quieter practice it is by no means a weaker practice. By practicing some Yin Yoga and moving further towards a quieter mind, we are ready to end the workshop in a meditation practice. It has been often said that meditation is the best medication. We will be using a meditation approach which can allow individuals to overcome personal issues aswell as experience a deep blissful state. This technique has been used in unique settings, but now it is available to you.

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