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Yoga therapy case studies in Plymouth

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KB long term back pain

As a 21 year old she had suffered with back pain for over 5 years.  After 1 session the pain had reduced and after 3 session the pain had gone completely.  "I have had back pain since I was 16. Now for the first time in 6 years I can safely say I have been free of pain for 3 months.  It is all thanks to the weekly yoga sessions from you Jason."KB


SP anxiety, stress and depression

This person came suffering low mood, diagnosed depression and a fatigue which accompanied this condition.  After 1 session there was a noticeable difference and after several weekly sessions the person went on to return to living a positive life again. "Thank you so much, After the class my mood really lifts and I am more positive. I feel like a new person, just after 1 session. Absolutely brilliant." SP

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MF slipped (herniated) disc

This person came with chronic lower back pain from a slipped disc.  She was in extreme agony and unable to contnue life as normal.  After 3 sessions she was able to return to a partly normal life and after 5 sessions the pain had dissapeared completely.  "The main things is – I’ve had no pain in my back since yesterday!!!  The chronic it-is-taking-over-my-life-pain has gone!" MF


FL shoulder and neck pain

He came to get relief from a long term shoulder issue with restricted movement.  After 8 sessions he reported a marked decrease in pain (virtually non existent) and a wish to continue with weekly yoga therapy sessions. "An excellent course, yoga therapy works!! Better than and tablets or drugs". FL


LS Sciatica

She came with long term irritating sciatic pain.  After three session and completing weekly homework tasks she felt she was able to manage her sciatica. "I really loved the pigeon posture.  It has really improved my sciatica". LS

JT fibromyalgia

Started to attend a course in yoga therapy.  This included learning Several techniques for combatting auto immune disorders.  After 8 weeks (8 hours) she said her life had turned around and she had decided to start a new life abroad stating she was now able to manage her condition with the prescribed techniques

lung and respiratory issues yoga therapy workshop plymouth.jpg


She had been diagnosed with COPD. After just one session felt opening of the chest and use of lungs. She said that she felt calmer and more relaxed as a result of the chest and airways opening


JS Arthritis and hip pain

She had been a runner and cyclist for many years and was complaining arthritis in the wrists, knees and of continuous hip pain.  After several sessions the pain had reduced by about 90%.  She had said that the yoga therapy techniques he was using were able to consistently reduce pain and helped manage future flare ups

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