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Yoga Therapy in Plymouth and Prices


What is yoga therapy?

skinni buddha has additional training and experience in the therapeutic applications of yoga for individuals with impaired health or compromised well being.

The yoga therapy skinni buddha offers in the Plymouth area can also help you recover from injuries and surgery.  It can also enhance the quality of life
for patients with chronic diseases.


How does yoga therapy work?

  We use yoga techniques which include: posture work, breath work, meditation, relaxation and use of sound. Yoga therapy not only looks at the symptoms but the whole body and there are no side effects.

We use fully researched techniques shown to improve and manage medical conditions

What to do next...


Yoga Therapy Class

Good for conditions such as: stress, anxiety, depression

lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain, shoulder pain, ankle and neck pain, head aches, asthma, COPD, diabetes, digestive issues and addictions

Individual Yoga Therapy

You get a tailor made unique treatment plan based on your needs.

Perfect choice for specific conditions such as stroke, slipped disc, recent injury or surgery, complex auto immune disorders, lupus