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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

If you need more than a yoga class then try a yoga workshop. Back bending will stimulate your energetic system. To get deep into backbends helps us open our hearts to others and life as well as remove fears. Try this yoga workshop at Space to Move in Plymouth

Backbends have been associated with fear. Going deep into a backbend can help us over long standing fears and energise the body.

We will explore the safe way to enter back bends and look at which areas of the body need to be engaged and aligned for backbending to take pressure off the spine.

You will get to practice warm ups, fascial stretches and anatomical range of motion techniques as a way to reprogramme your brain. The mind may tell you that backbending is impossible but there are shortcircuits to allow backbends to deepen.

Find out what backbends are all about and how they can be incorporated into your personal practice

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