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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Check out the new Yoga Course for back pain, diabetes, asthma, low mood and headaches  at Devonport Live, in Plymouth.

Not only could it help with a long standing problem it must be the cheapest yoga session in Plymouth

Over the 8 sessions you will learn and practice a variety of yoga techniques to help alleviate conditions that affect your life. The classes are beginner friendly, gentle and promote your health and well-being.

Back pain is one common condition.  Through the course we use evidence based research to gently get your back feeling less painful but also stronger.  The aim is that you will become more active once you continue to use the techniques offered.

Diabetes (Type 2) can also be managed by using the techniques we offer you.  Some previous patients have even been able to completely stop medication through continued practice of the techniques you can try in class.

Of course feeling low can occur especially as the days become shorter.  The aim of the course is that you will find a positive outlook just by coming to these Yoga sessions and participating in the class.

Some of my previous clients have also experienced headaches and asthma.  Through regular practice of the aspects learnt on the course we aim to help you manage any headaches and asthma.

Classes are kept small, up to 12 people.  This allows you to have detailed specific attention to check that you are practising the correct techniques.

The full 8 week course is designed to provide anyone new to yoga help with alleviating the conditions mentioned.  You will be taught various postures, focused breathing and relaxation techniques which aim to bring long term benefits.

Normally such classes can be anywhere from £20-£60 per hour due to the specialist knowledge needed to provide attendees with safe and effective methods.

You can attend this course by paying what you want.  A minimum suggested donation is £1.

In this way you get to access and experience various systems for a low cost and hopefully begin to feel the benefits very soon.

Classes continue every Wednesday throughout October and November except 16th November.

No experience is necessary.  Wear loose fitting clothing

All equipment is supplied

Contact us to find out more and register for the full course

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