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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I have just completed a Masters Degree, the final dissertation entitled: SOUL EDUCATION FOR A WESTERN WORLD: Can Yoga Offer a Practical Tool for Transformative Education.  Through which I collaborated with The Yoga Institute in Mumbai and Professor Stirling at Plymouth University

Abstract Transformative (Sustainable) Learning is about educating us to take personal actions which contribute towards a sustainable planet (O’Sullivan, 1999; Stirling, 2001).  These decisions are said to arise from a change in consciousness deriving from andragogical, spiritual, and ecological approaches to learning.  It is argued that such an education locates the soul as the entry point to enable transformation.  I use the term soul education to signify such an approach which accounts for the development of the whole person (body, mind, heart/soul/spirit) in order to facilitate these changes.  To illustrate how a soul education experience has occurred I derive soul data (data which is not always visible) from personal soul journals, semi-dream states, and interpretations of dream sequences occurring during or after yoga practices as the data.  By using situational analysis mind mapping, soul data is represented as a narrative to illustrate the use of natural settings and yoga techniques as teaching tools for soul education. This recent educational research has taken me to India to The Yoga Institute in Mumbai and the Krishnamurti Library.  It has resulted in interest from the Journal of Transformative Education,  Michigan State University-USA, Delhi University.  The research was die to collaboration with Plymouth University-UK, School of Oriental and African Studies, London and The Yoga Institute, Mumbai-India.

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