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Online yoga classes

How does online yoga relate to traditional yoga?

You have to work this one out for yourself. When there wasnt a decent yoga teacher around and when i had very little money I did alot of online yoga. It was free! Great. I soon discovered when I attended a class what I had been doing wrong and how the things I was doing may have caused injuries. This is why we are not offering online yoga. The most important aspect for me in a yoga class in safety. Can I offer students guidance on their safety? If I cannot because I cannot see what they are doing then best for me not to give online classes. Also I encourage people to reduce screen time. So I would feel in authentic if I started giving online classes. I prefer to be in the woods or by the sea rather than attending some screen time. But then if the class feels like a social connection and you are confident in your own yoga practice why not. I recently heard of a teacher who gave a class to over 200 students on zoom. How these attendees felt I have no idea. We are all different. Whatever your choices I guess it will be great to attend live yoga classes in Plymouth again.

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