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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

yoga therapy plymouth for back pain,arthritis,stress,high blood pressure

New Yoga Therapy Courses for people in the Devonport Area of Plymouth.

The Yoga Therapy classes in January 2017 will target common complaints, such as back pain, low mood, sciatica, shoulder pain, arthritis, diabetes, asthma as well as other ailments.

Incredibly you get to pay what you want.  So what is normally expensive treatment becomes affordable.

Devonport Live is such a great venue, as they promote many aspects of healthy living.  In fact everyone who attends the class will be able to try the range of healthy drinks and snacks available in the café.  These range from sugar free, gluten free foods to fresh smoothies and juices.  There is also free parking in and around the area.

So if you or anyone you know may benefit from a reduction in lower back pain or head aches and could do with managing asthma, diabetes or low moods then get in contact with [skinnibuddha] or Devonport Live.  You could be part of something very special for the local area.

Come to each class and be prepared to lead a new life.

Register now to avoid disappointment.

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