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Yoga Therapy pilot study in at Devonport Live in Plymouth, 2016 hailed as community success story 


Community Yoga Practice   

Plymouth's first donation based Yoga Therapy Course has shown very positive results.  It started as a pilot study to provide accessible health care for the local community.  Now participants have expressed interest to continue the programme, with those on a waiting list eager to attend the next course.

During October and November [skinnibuddha] yoga therapy teamed up with Devonport Live to provide Plymouth residents with an 8 week beginner friendly yoga therapy course. The aims were to alleviate lower back pain, reduce low mood,  relieve asthma and headaches, some of the common issues which many people exhibit.  However after initial consultations the remit of health complaints included arthritis and shoulder pain, lower back and lumbar pain, depression, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Sciatica.  In fact these are just a few of the conditions treatable through yoga therapy.

Over the 8 sessions attendees learnt to practice a variety of yoga techniques to help promote health and wellbeing related to current medical condition. This included postures, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques. The classes have been beginner friendly, gentle and motivational, with a variety of options available for those with differing ailments.

Skinnibuddha aka Jason Searing originally helped to set up London’s first donation based yoga studio, in Oxford Street in 2013.  Having been based in Plymouth for 16 years he decided it was time to provide a service to his community and because there has been so much interest, there will be a new course running from January 2017 at Devonport Live. Hopefully this will be the start of yoga therapy being made more available throughout the city. 


So if you or anyone you know may benefit from a reduction in lower back pain, headaches and could do with managing sciatica, asthma, diabetes,  low moods or any of the ailments manageable by yoga therapy then get in contact with [skinnibuddha] or Devonport Live. Go to or call 07828768053 to find out more.

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