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How do I get treated with individual yoga therapy?


We discuss aspects of your condition and how individual yoga therapy works, including payment options 


We arrange our first meeting of one hour at a mutually convenient time.



We meet and go over in detail your medical history and any issues which may help us to develop a personal treatment plan.  We then use the remainder of the first session to go over some of the suitable techniques for your condition. You feedback with us continuously during the session and we adjust and refine the techniques as required.


You either pay during this visit or beforehand if you know how many sessions you would like to have.


We meet weekly at either the same time or a convenient time and build up the yoga therapy techniques to create your unique individual yoga therapy treatment plan.


We send you links to videos as a reminder of the techniques which have been found to manage the condition(s).  You then follow your plan as a homework every day until our next meeting

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