1st Friday of the month in 2022

7th January, 4th February, 4th March, 1st April

7.30pm - 9.00pm


@ Space to Move, 2 Charles Darwin Road, Mount Wise, Plymouth PL1 4GU

Very different to our regular Yin session.  You will be introduced to the practice and then the remainder of the session is in silence. With silence comes the additional meditation that is unique to this style of Yin Yoga. If you have never tried a silent practice you may experience new sensations and awakenings. Come and try Plymouth's only SILENT YIN YOGA


YIN is slow, YIN allows the body to stretch, YIN releases tension and joints Yin yoga works on connective tissues and balances the body organs. It is the perfect companion to a gym workout. Based on acupressure techniques we use the map of Chinese traditional medicine meridians to restore and activate various parts of the body. We will be using seasonal understanding of these points and where possible use wall and props (bring belt and brick/block) to go deep. In a world where everything has got faster YIN yoga means your body and mind get to slow down. Let go of everything. Join the class and see why YIN IS IN.

Saturday 2nd April 2022


YOGA PHILOSOPHY WORKSHOP: How to attain enlightenment
A lecture and practical exploration of Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Raja Yoga

@ Space to Move, 2 Charles Darwin Road, Mount Wise, Plymouth PL1 4GU



With so many types of yoga out there which one will be the best one? If you only get to try out one type that how will you know? Most yoga classes these days focus primarily on postures (and maybe some breathing techniques if you are lucky). However this is just a small part of yoga.


Follow the path to enlightenment and liberation as written in two of the most important scriptures on Yoga; Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. A full yoga practice utilises both external yoga (Bahiranga) and internal yoga (Antaranga). In this workshop we explore the ascpects of both external and internal yoga. We look at how we can carry on practicing yoga without the need to show up to a yoga class or sit cross legged in meditation.


We will discuss parts of the two sacred yogic texts and carry out some practical applications of these different paths of yoga.



@ Space to Move, 2 Charles Darwin Road, Mount Wise, Plymouth PL1 4GU

Back pain and sciatica  workshop

Includes scoliosis, non specific back pain, and arthritis

This workshop is not suitable for those suffering with herniated disc, spinal injury or those already having had spinal surgery.

Find out how holistic yoga techniques can help manage and even eradicate symptoms and causes of persistent agonising back pain

Come and see why doctors are recommending yoga as a way to resolve back pain issues that they cannot deal with.  Get off medications and lead a new life

All techniques are based on medically researched studies


This workshop explores various techniques to manage back pain and sciatica. Many emotions are tied up in the body, particularly the lower back area which causes long term suffering. We will be using  techniques to unravel some of those tight areas that seem to never go away.


We have had great success with treating back pain. By incorporating the internal yoga we delve into places which cannot be seen by modern medical science. We utilise thousands of years old yoga science.


Be prepared to open up the root causes of pain and suffering and to release them. Leave with a series of techniques you can use on a daily baisis to overcome lower back pain and sciatica.


This workshop is not suitable for those suffering with herniated disc, spinal injury or those already having had spinal surgery.

Saturday 5th February 2022


Hand warmers, ear warmers & neck warmers:
7 headstands and handstands
Inversions Workshop

@ Space to Move, 2 Charles Darwin Road, Mount Wise, Plymouth PL1 4GU

Wake up from the winter and explore some of the stronger and deeper aspects of the Rocket Yoga and intermediate Ashtanga Vinyasa sequences. The Rocket is a series of postures aimed to wake up the nervous system and build strength. Created by Larry Schultz, the Rocket makes advanced poses accessible to beginners and more experienced practitioners alike.

We will start building strength and learning how to stack the body and joints in a way that reduces the effort required to perform the postures. Stacking being a vital part we will then incorporate the correct dristi and bandha activation by isolating areas of the body and then introduce the arm balancing sequences, Koundinyasana A, B, C (variations), Galavasana, Eka pada bakasana handstand practice and 7 headstands: Baddha Hasta Sirsasana A, B, C and D mukta hasta sirsasana A, B, C. We will do this within the context of a Rocket routine. We use group work to support some of these postures all the time using tristana (breath, bandha, dristi), which creates control, whilst stimulating both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Not suitable for anyone with wrist, shoulder or neck injuries or recent surgery.

To find out more about The Rocket check the link.


more time upside down

@ Space to Move, 2 Charles Darwin Road, Mount Wise, Plymouth PL1 4GU

Building on the arm balance 1 workshop and back bend work shop this Arm Balance 2 workshop takes arm balances to the next level. One reason arm balances are so challenging is they require both strength and flexibility, so having a regular vinyasa style practice and/or having both strength and flexibility should give your the foundation for you to try out the more demanding set of arm balancing postures.


Once your yoga practice starts to leave the ground, you begin to fly and add another dimension to your postures. However many classes do not incorporate advanced arm balances and when they do we have no idea what to do. Technique, alignment and tristana (three elements which bring focus to the posture) are vital for some of the more challenging arm balances. . In addition, learning how to fall without injury (if you haven’t already done that) will be a stepping stone to improving the chances of success in some of the more unusual arm balances.


The practice of poses that include weight bearing on the arms not only helps prevent osteoporosis but also builds upper body strength. Arm balances help strengthen the balance reflexes, coordination and propioception.


Give yourself a physical challenge and blast the winter away.


Postures analysed and explored are:

Pincha Mayurasana (variations), Ganda Bherundasana (chinstand), Devaduuta Panna Asana (fallen angel), Koundinyasana transitions, Mula Check up (wide legs or back pack), Astavakrasana

Galavasana, Vrischikasana (scorpion)

Saturday 5th March 2022


(includes asthma, COPD, long COVID, reynards

@ Space to Move, 2 Charles Darwin Road, Mount Wise, Plymouth PL1 4GU

Ever wondered how yoga can help with your lung or circulatory condition?

Find out how holistic yoga techniques can help manage and even eradicate symptoms and causes of persisent agonising breathing difficulties and/or cold hands and feet.

Medical professionals are increasingly suggesting patients should attend yoga sessions. However a specific session is most appropriate for certain conditions.

This workshop explores various techniques to manage common respiratory issues (asthma, COPD, COVID (including long covid) and CIRCULATION ISSUES.

External issues can cause illness and disease (COVID, COPD) but so can internal issues (neural system). We explore a range of techniques to manage the Physical malady (Vyadhi), and overcome the psychic disturbance caused by psychological conditioning neuroses (Adhi). These can give practical insight and tools for opening the airways and making breathing much easier, reducing and eradicating pain, leading to lightness of the mind and body.

You may have a condition yourself or you maybe a yoga or medical professional who is wishing to increase understanding of how yoga can help with medical conditions.

While we will be looking at reducing symptoms we aim to reach the root of the condition. You will practice various techniques which effectively reboot the body system to allow self repair. We will discuss lifestyle changes which can aid with pain or symptom management. We begin to form part of an individual treatment plan.


Do I need to have yoga experience? No experience necessary. You do not need to have any yoga experience. You just need a willingness to try out various techniques which are research based and have helped those with similar conditions

So do I need to be suffering when I attend?You do not need to be currently exhibiting symptoms. However you should get clearance from your healthcare provider if you are undergoing treatment or have recently undergone treatment.

All techniques are based on medically researched studies. We have had great success with treating respiratory conditions. You can see the results of our pilot study in Plymouth on the website

This workshop is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or anyone under 18 years old

COMING AGAIN so stay tuned


@ Space to Move, 2 Charles Darwin Road, Mount Wise, Plymouth PL1 4GU

Utilise ancient kriyas (cleansing rites) and shuddhis (purifications) as laid out by the great sages.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that these kriyas should be done before any further physical practice to attain unification with the divine.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras states that these kriyas are the way to overcome the main causes of mental, physical and emotional sorrow, suffering and pain

Discover secret unwritten techniques which have only been passed on orally and are not documented.  The way to get mind, body and soul cleaned in a way that leaves the inner self refreshed and new. 

We will be practising a set of techniques which lead to a lightness and purity not only in the physical body but also  the mental body and energetic body.

Come and see what KRIYA YOGA is all about